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Website Declaration

The Macao Economic Bureau can provide the online search of trademark records, which includes information on registered trademarks and trademarks that are still within the application process in Macao SAR.

This search system provides information based on the data stored in the computer. The most updated details, legal status of trademark registration will only be available from the actual files within our archives, and only are the information within the physical files should be considered valid. As a result, the digital data provided by our system should only be used for reference only. The digital data will carry no legal power and cannot be used as a legal instrument during a trademark registration.

The Macao Economic Bureau reserve the right to amend, modify, increase or terminate the information within the Online Trademark Registration Search System without notice.

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[ Trademark no. for application filed before the Decree-Law No. 56/95/M entered into force (i.e. before 6<sup>th</sup> Dec. 1995). ]
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