The Macao Economic Bureau (DSE) is a department of the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) responsible for assisting the Government in the study, formulation and implementation of economic policy in the areas of economic activity and intellectual property, as well as in other responsible areas stipulated by law.



  1. To assist in the study and formulation of economic policy within the scope of its duties, as well as to study, formulate and implement measures favourable to the moderate diversification of economy and the promotion of industrial and commercial development within the MSAR’s economic policy;

  2. To issue licenses for foreign trade operations, manage the quantitative restriction systems on foreign trade operations and issue, in accordance with law, certificates of origin of the MSAR;

  3. To plan and coordinate the MSAR’s participation in economic cooperation organisations and forums, as well as to ensure, within the scope of its activities, implementation of commitments undertaken;

  4. To assist and participate in the works referred to in the previous paragraph that are, though not within the scope of its duties, of economic nature;

  5. To assist in the formulation of policies regulating intellectual property and in the implementation of the related work;

  6. To issue industrial establishment licenses and compile the industrial register, as well as to exercise the related supervision;

  7. To issue licenses to businesses conducting trade of fuel products, transshipment businesses, tax warehouses, duty-free shops and other non-industrial establishments whose licensing is, by law, a duty of the DSE, and exercise the related supervision;

  8. To enforce the consumption tax regulation;

  9. To monitor compliance with legal provisions regulating the manufacturing processes of articles produced in the MSAR and with other economic legislation;

  10. To promote and maintain a fair business environment;

  11. To perform other tasks stipulated by law or instructed by superior.


Organic Legislation