Designated CEPA Website Is Launched Now

15 December, 2008

The Mainland and the Macao SAR have committed to working closely together to the implementation of the Mainland and Macao Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) since 2004, and along with the subsequent five Supplements, both sides endeavour to strengthen trade and economic cooperation and foster mutual development in the two places. In response to the increasing awareness of investors and individuals in business environment; rules and regulations; economic and trade information of both places, Macao Economic Bureau (DSE), in collaboration with Legal Affairs Bureau (DSAJ) and Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), developed a new designated CEPA website to enhance users with comprehensive and all-round CEPA information, by reinforcing and enriching the current reference materials available in the DSE website.

To the implementation of “transparency in laws and regulations” of Trade and Investment Facilitation in CEPA, the designated website enhances enterprises and public an easy link to relevant news, rules and regulations on economic and business environment in both Mainland and Macao. This new website avails in languages of traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Portuguese and English, covering six major parts of “Business Opportunities Provided by CPEA”, “CEPA News and Publication”, “CEPA Useful Information”, “Investing in Macao”, “Investing in the Mainland”, and “CEPA Zero Tariff Goods”.

In this website, users can easily obtain CEPA information such as overview; legal texts in different phases; statistics; application procedures and relevant e-forms in the “Business Opportunities Provided by CEPA” section. Details on CEPA consultations, signing of the Supplements, seminars and activities, etc are available in “CEPA News and Publication” while people may also download CEPA Newsletters for references to the development of CEPA. Moreover, in order to have clear understanding of CEPA, users may refer to FAQs in the “CEPA Useful Information” section to incorporate experiences from past inquiry cases.

In addition to the above, the new CEPA website also provides investment guides, figures and statistics as well as quick links to the Mainland economic and trade government departments in the “Investing in Macao” and “Investing in the Mainland” sections for easy access to investors in the two places. Further, to fully implement cooperation in “transparency in laws and regulations” of Trade and Investment Facilitation in CEPA, users may look for information including taxation systems, measures on service sectors, relevant economic and business rules and regulations of both places in the aforesaid sections.

In respect of trade in goods, a search function which serves as the key feature in the website, is available for users to look for tariff codes and rules of origin for “CEPA zero tariff goods”. As for trade in services, all liberalization measures in different phases of CEPA have been collated into 40 service sectors for easy references to browsers according to their needs.

The designated CEPA website is now launched for public and enterprises. For further details on CEPA, welcome to log on to this website: